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Busy Mum’s Breakfast

I’m not sure about you, but mornings in my house are busy, I don’t often have time for a sit down breakfast and if I do I find I’m quite hungry an hour or so afterwards and end up snacking … Read More

Pelvic Floor Disfunction

WARNING, potential trigger  Question Would you ignore a leak in your ceiling? Apart from the thought of the cost, I feel confident in saying you all said NO So WHY do so many of us ignore a leaky bladder? (When I say leaky … Read More

Choosing The Correct Weights

Feeling a little lost as to what weights are right for each movement? Check out this video to help you understand how to select the correct weights for you and each movement.

Core Engagement

Here I explain how your core works as one and how breath work can help you engage your core and pelvic floor to support your body during all movements, also making ALL exercises a core workout.

How To Find Motivation

So, I want to speak about something I get asked about quite a bit, and that’s motivation. Lots of people may think that because I am a personal trainer that I have motivation in bucket loads and never struggle to … Read More

How Long Should I Wait Before Returning to Running?

Love running? Yes me too! And I completely understand the desperation to return to running after having your baby. However, we have seen (and I have experienced) the complication of returning to running too soon when your body is just … Read More

Supercharged Flapjacks

My unrefined sugar flapjacks INGREDIENTS: 200G unsalted butter 250ml honey 150g chopped dates 400g porridge oats 100g desiccated coconut (You can also add raisins, other dried fruits like chopped cherries and pumpkin, sunflower and seaseme seeds to mix it up … Read More