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All the products I use myself and with my clients, all the products I LOVE and highly recommend ❤️


Handled Bands

Handled Resistance Bands

MAD 7″ Pilates Ball

Pilates 7inch Blue Ball

Spikey Massage Balls

Spikey Massage Balls

MAD Light Resistance Band

MAD Light Band

MAD Medium Resistance Band

MAD Medium Band

Large Exercise Ball

Large Exercise Ball

3Kg Dumbbells

3kg Dumbbells

4Kg Dumbbells

4kg Dumbbells

5Kg Dumbbells

5kg Dumbbells

6Kg Dumbbells

6kg Dumbbells

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Natal Active

Discover their range of stylish, supportive and colourful activewear, with each piece designed to see you through pregnancy, breastfeeding and years beyond. I used their leggings and feeding vests, and although no longer pregnant not feeding I still do (my youngest is currently 4years old!). I Highly Recommend.

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AMP Wellbeing

AMP Wellbeing has a beautiful range of fitness product (including the gorgeous leopard print vegan mat I use all the time and weighted bars), for you to create your own at home workout space. I use AMP items in my daily client sessions as well as all of my personal workouts.

Head over to AMP Wellbeing to check out all of their shop and take “KATIE15” to get yourself 15% for any purchase you deicide to invest in – because it will be an investment, not only in quality products but in yourself!


When you’re well hydrated, your body functions at its best. Every system in your body depends on water to work properly, and that includes your brain. Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

I’ve been using Hydratem8 bottles for over 14 years now and I could not recommend them enough… in fact I still have that first bottle from 14 years ago and it’s still going strong 💪🏼.

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Hydratem8 Bottles


Find your Feel good with Rheal!

Rheal have a selection of products to help with immunity, gut health, energy levels, FEMALE HEALTH!!! Plus much more

They are 100% organic and Gluten Free – a must for me as a coeliac.

I have been taking Rheals Balance tonic for over 6 months now to deal with my 40+ body changes. If I skip a few days I really notice the difference. I also use their Clean Greens, Gut Health and Plant Collagen in my daily smoothie.

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Mother Cuppa

A range of wellness herbal teas collection for women. Mother Cuppa Tea, is a diverse selection of the best herbal teas from all over the United Kingdom. This collection comprises all blended herbs (Energise, Hydrate, and Relax blends), featuring natural herbal blends for women, with natural flavourings, zero caffeine, and zero calories.

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