My Classes

Personal Training

All my Personal Training sessions (1;1, Buddy 2:1 and PT IMP) are tailor made to each individual person.

We start with a consultation, where we go through what has been holding you back, what your goals are and how we can reach them. This is followed by a short physical assessment where I can see where you are in your fitness journey.

Each 1:1 and 2:1 sessions are 1-hour long carried out in my home studio gym, (Christon, BS26 2XU) where if you need to you can bring your baby/toddler/child with you. I am a pre and postnatal fitness specialist but work with all women, creating a safe space for you to come and be open, to work out and have fun.

All PT IMP programmes are carried out at your own home, with each plan made to fit around your own home personal commitments.

To book a consultation or session, please select contact me or email me directly at


Pregnancy and Postnatal Classes

My Pregnancy and Postnatal fitness group is dedicated to all mums. It is aimed at expectant mums of all trimesters who wish to keep moving safely during pregnancy and to postnatal mums who want to help their bodies recover in a safe way after the birth of their little ones. This is safe for those of you with abdominal separation, minor prolapse and lower back pain (as we as many other pregnancy/postnatal related issues).

The class involves non-impact movements, working to strengthen your core and body, and helps give you some much needed energy. The bonus being you get to bring your baby with you (or older toddler), so no need to find a sitter!

Classes are based outside in the fresh air, where we soak up the vitamin-D, (yes even in Winter!) boost our mental wellbeing and meet some fabulous women.

(If you have your own mat, please bring with you)

Postnatally classes start from 6-8 weeks postpartum (10 weeks C-section) and beyond. In pregnancy they cover all trimesters

Boot Camp

This is a women's only high impact fitness group. Suitable for all levels of fitness, with moves being tailored up or down.

What this group is really about is getting out, having some fun, gaining some energy and having a good time!

Sessions are based outside, in the fresh air, with a location change in the winter months to accommodate lighting and a safer grounding.

Must be at least 4mths+ postpartum when returning after childbirth.

Online Classes

My Online classes are 30 minutes of movement twice a week. It can be hard to fit fitness into your day, so these are recorded so that you can complete them at a time that suits you personally

They are for all females, although I don't recommend for late pregnancy or the early weeks of the postnatal stages, not sure? just ask me.

You can do these workouts with no equipment, it's all body weight. However, if you do have bands or dumbbells I can tell you where they can be added if you wish

A Pregnancy and Postnatal option is available to purchase

To ask more, please select contact me or email directly at or head to the Buy Online Sessions tab and select the relevant option for you.

Restore to Running

Did you know there is so much more to running than just investing in a good pair of trainers and off you go. You need to strengthen not only your legs, but your core and mind.

Whether you have never ran before, been out of action for a while or returning after childbirth, my Restore to Running course is for everyone.

My 6 week programme incorporates all of this, tailored to your personal running stage, together with 6, 1:1 sessions (1 each week of the course), and monitoring of your progress.

This will keep you accountable and get you over that wall that makes us think that we just can't do it... BUT YOU CAN!

NB. Must be at least 5mths+ postpartum when returning after childbirth

To book a slot or ask any questions, please select contact me or email me directly at

Core Reconnection

Are you:

  • Postnatal?
  • Suffering lower back pain?
  • Have Diastasis recti or abdominal separation?
  • Suffering with a weak or tight pelvic floor?

I run 6 week core re-connection courses one a 1: basis which will teach you the following foundations:

  • Breathing (yes, your not mistaken I did say breathing)
  • How to do your Pelvic Floor correctly (its not all about engagement and tightening!)
  • How to engage your post baby body core
  • Better alignment and body posture
  • How small movements can be better than cardio!

Each session will we go through different exercises to help you reconnect with your core, so you know how to support it and not cause further damage when exercising your postnatal body.

I put this course together aimed at early postnatal mothers in the 4th trimester, BUT it is never to late to start this and so I am making this available to all women at any stage of their postnatal journey (we are postnatal FOREVER!).

Can't commit to a 6 week course? I will be making this available online very soon, so please drop me a note if you would like to be added to my wait list.

Please note that the classes are:

  • Minor prolapse safe
  • Suitable to bring your little ones with you
  • A safe space

Interested? Drop me a message to find out when the next course is on.