Busy Mum’s Breakfast

I’m not sure about you, but mornings in my house are busy, I don’t often have time for a sit down breakfast and if I do I find I’m quite hungry an hour or so afterwards and end up snacking on even less nutrient dense foods than the cereal options available… sound familiar?

Since well before my children arrived I have had over night oats and smoothie bowls to start my day. They have given me the nutrients I’ve needed to fuel my body and have also kept me full and stopped the midmorning snacking.

Since my boys arrived I’ve moved onto the a smoothie that I take with me on the school run and drink on the go.

And this is what I put into mine:


Small handful of frozen Avocado – your healthy fats, carbs and fibre

Small handful of frozen spinach – your fibre and various vitamins – did you know it’s one of the nutrient dense leafy greens around

Small handful of frozen fruit – full of vitamins, minerals and fibre – I’d go berries over mango, pineapple etc

Small banana (fresh or frozen) – your carb – also great for muscle recovery on a workout day

Sprinkle of chia seeds – your fibre and protein

A date – to sweeten

A scoup of Balance Tonic and Gut Feel from Rheal – these are powders I take daily to help with period and peri menopause symptoms and care for my gut health – you can do your own research on these here RHEAL and you can use KATIEWALKER for 20% if you choose it might be something for you too.

I add a scoup of Protein Powder (I use Arbonne which is gluten free and amazing!) on a work out day and gluten free Oats on a non-workout day

Cover in almond milk


Put it all in the “pot” – I use a very old (but fab) nutri bullet, whiz it up and pour it into the bottle with a wide spout to drink from.

(If you don’t have a wide spout bottle I can recommend hydratem8, not only for their insulated water bottles and coffee cups (they keep it warm for 12 hours and I can confirm I have made hot drinks before bed and drank them with my 6am clients still warm!) but also their wide spout bottles which I use for my smoothies. Check them out at Hydratem8 and use BEEMUMFIT for 10% discount.

AND that’s it!

I chuck it all in whilst I sort the kids breakfasts and get them and myself washed and dress, whizz it up whilst we sort shoes, pour and throw everything (kids included 😉) in the car and off we go.

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