PT In My Pocket

Need some one on one training but can’t make a regular time slot in person. My PT IMP programme could be perfect for you!

What this includes:

  • Initial Consultation – as with all my PT sessions we would have a 45 minutes to 1 hour in person or online consultation where we would discuss the forms I’d ask you to complete, we would discuss your goals, and any issues/restrictions you face with fitness.  We look at your posture and core, discuss pelvic floor, and carry out a few moves so I know what might need attention before starting.
  • You receive a 12 week fitness plan (we can discuss your schedule so I can make this fit into your life and other commitments, it can also be tweaked as we go if something needs decreasing/increasing)
  • You will receive 6 workouts from me which I will give you in written and video format. These workouts are to be split up and repeated until you can really nail them, and that your body will progress into them. (I also like to make sure your core, pelvic floor etc all work together to support your body the best way it can in fitness and life)
  • Weekly check ins where I find out how your getting on, what might be an issue and how your finding things.
  • I am on call for you on What’s App to answer any issues or questions as you are going. Some people use this a lot and keep in contact daily with what they are doing and others rarely use it.
  • A 30 minute online (or in person if preferred) call at the half way point to discuss further any issues, and go over any moves you might wish to.
  • Final check in, in person or online, to discuss your progress and see where we are with your goals and your next steps.

The costs for this will be £250, this can be paid in one lump sum on the day of your consultation or in 2 payments £125.

Email me now for more information or to book your consultation at