Online Platform

Welcome to Bee MumFit Online Platform!

Is this for you?

Are you a women? Are you TTC, Pregnant, Postnatal, Peri-menopausal, in Menopause, post menopausal, or just generally loving life and moving your body?

Do you need something to fit into your personal lifestyle, early morning, when you have 15 minutes, around naps, holidays or the school run. Do you feel nervous about attending a class and too anxious about heading to the gym or local pool or don’t have the funds or confidence perhaps to sign up to 1:1 sessions?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above this platform could be for you.

You will find videos here for all of the above all clearly labelled, along with stretches, morning routines and sessions 10 minutes long or 45 minutes long (and all the in between!).

You will have access to select the routine you wish and repeat the ones you love.

New videos are added each month and if there is a specific exercise, area or bit of equipment you wish to have a workout for then message me directly on and I will endeavour to do this and add to the collection.

There are many videos that require no equipment at all, and there are options to add this when you wish to.

Still not sure? Sign up here for 5 days free access and see for yourself.